2015 ASBK - Round 2

Morgan Park Raceway

Heading into Round 2 we knew we would have our work cut out for us. Not only did we have a new track to learn, but this would also be the first race aboard our new superbike, the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1. To make things more difficult, very few spare parts had arrived for the new machine, and almost no aftermarket parts were available yet.

In true Joe (Team Manager) fashion, he made sure to stop somewhere to clean the trailer before heading to the track. We think he has OCD, but at least it means our bikes are always immaculate.


Meanwhile, Daniel, Jon (Team Engineer), Tony (Team Mechanic), Liam (Team Moral Support) and Sarah (Daniel's girlfriend) flew up to Brisbane. Daniel spent the majority of the flight studying the track map and watching onboard footage in a hope to get a headstart with learning the track.


For the 2015 season, JD Racing took on two rookies to pilot our Supersport winning machines, Nic Liminton and Mark Chiodo. This round both riders will be entering their first ever national 600cc race.


Yamaha sent the YMI/YMF girls into our garage for some photos with the riders. Mark really enjoyed himself.


Practice day on Friday was spent learning the track and testing the multitude of electronic rider aids available on the 2015 R1. For an almost standard motorcycle, it showed promise from the first session.

TBG46459-(ZF-6095-42947-1-001) - Edited.jpg

Photo Credit - Andrew Gosling / tbgsport

On Saturday, I think everybody was surprised with the amount of spectators rolling through the gates. It was only a qualifying day after all and Morgan Park Raceway is very remote, even by race track standards.


Preparing for qualifying, we knew local competitor, Mike Jones, was putting down the fastest times in practice, so we were just looking to put the Caterpillar EPSA Yamaha R1 on the front row...


... and with a 1:17.089, Daniel qualified in 2nd place.


Sunday is race day, and once again the crowd poured through the gates. Spectators lined the fence the whole way around the track. Something Australian racing hasn't seen in years.


Race 1 all set to go and conditions are perfect.


Daniel had a great launch from the line, something we weren't expecting given it was the bikes 3rd launch ever due to limited testing time!


Photo Credit - Andrew Gosling / tbgsport

Unfortunately, with Daniel leading the first lap, the race is red flagged in the most Australian way possible... Kangaroos came out to play.


The restarted race say Daniel settle into a solid 2nd position with Mike Jones up in 1st and a solid lead over Chas Hern in 3rd.

TBG45858-(ZF-10523-48561-1-002) - Edit1.jpg

Photo Credit - Andrew Gosling / tbgsport

Meanwhile, in Supersport Race 1, JD Racing rookie, Nic Liminton, was displaying exceptional race craft to secure a 5th place finish from 9th on the grid.


Photo Credit - Andrew Gosling / tbgsport

Mark Chiodo, still affected by a recently broken ankle, showed his potential moving from 19th to 14th place before unfortunately crashing out in the final laps. Mark was transported to hospital with a broken elbow.



Superbike Race 2 was deja vu of Race 1 with Daniel coming home to a comfortable 2nd place


Photo Credit - Andrew Gosling / tbgsport

Overall, the JD Racing results for the weekend put Daniel 2nd in the Championship, 18 points from Mike Jones. Unfortunately with Nic and Mark missing Round 1, their championship position doesn't refelct the potential of these two riders. But all in good time...